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Three Time Types

Af: Trine Kolding

The Time Type universe describes three very different ways of relating to the concept of time - the Time Optimist, the Time Realist and the Time Pessimist. Knowing your own and other people’s time type is very useful when it comes to Time Management as well as relating to and
working together with people around you.  In this speak you will learn which Time Type you are by taking a quick test. You will also learn about the characteristics of each of the three different Time Types, what they are particularly good at and what they would benefit from focusing on.

Trine Kolding is founder of The Three Time Types®.

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Trine Kolding

Trine Kolding er underviser, forfatter og tidscoach, og er Danmarks førende ekspert i personlig effektivitet og planlægning. Hun har undervist i tidsstyring siden 2000, h ... Læs mere om Trine Kolding